Magic of Hummingbirds: Fashion, Architecture, Innovations!

on September 02, 2023
Magic of Hummingbirds: Fashion, Architecture, Innovations! Meet Wildlife Jewels® Peridot the Hummingbird!

Fashion, Architecture, Innovation! Happy National Hummingbird Day!

On this National Hummingbird Day, let's draw inspiration from these enchanting creatures to not only preserve but also celebrate the wondrous world of hummingbirds.

Infuse their magical charm into your style, and pioneer cutting-edge technologies, sensors, and aircraft inspired by these enchanting birds! Take action to protect these captivating birds from extinction!

Some of the countless innovations inspired by Hummingbirds:


  • Hummingbird Beaks Inspire Engineers To Create Stronger, More Flexible Micro Machines. "At Cornell University, researchers have developed a new approach to designing complex microscale machines. They drew their inspiration from the mechanism of proteins and hummingbirds' beaks." Source (
  • A hummingbird-inspired drone able to hover and made quick turns in mid-air can travel deftly through rubble and crowded areas. Source (
  • Hummingbird Wings Inspire More Efficient Turbine Source (
  • Hummingbird-inspired robot could flap to the rescue in tight spaces. Engineers have looked to hummingbirds to create a winged robot that uses AI to go where humans and drones can’t. Source (


Style inspired by Hummingbirds:



Dress in style like Hummingbirds, get inspired and help protect Hummingbirds!

We are delighted to  share our Wildlife Jewels® Peridot the Hummingbird Collection  collection with a few selected pieces. A stylish collection of Fine Art Fashion & Décor embellished with Azi's painting of a precious hummingbird. This is based of Azi's original acrylic painting on canvas, which took inspiration from a hummingbird that built her nest in Azi's garden. The proceeds from the collection contribute Hummingbird Conservation programs.

By designing a Collection, and sharing her beauty and story through striking fine art and fashion pieces, we hope to inspire individuals to invest in nature, and to help protect nature and all the precious wildlife.

Meet Wildlife Jewels Peridot The Hummingbird! This painting took inspiration from a hummingbird that built a nest in Azi's garden. Shortly after Azi found her baby was abandoned in the nest, she took her baby to a local Wildlife rehabilitation center to try and save the beautiful baby who was just 2 days old.


Discover Wildlife Jewels® Peridot the Hummingbird Collection


Hummingbirds: Fascinating architects, designers, and builders: 

We had the pleasure of observing this beautiful hummingbird and her nest closely. It is fascinating how this tiny bird can design and build such an incredibly perfect nest.

Female Hummingbirds generally spend around 7 days collecting materials to build their nest. They collect material such as moss, plant fibers, feathers, and even spider silk. Each material they use has a specific purpose.

They weave the material into a cup and decorate it with moss and other materials for camouflage. It is amazing how they use spider silk to bind the nest together in order to give it elasticity to enlarge the nest as their babies grow.

From nest beds, nest tree houses to nest lattices, architects from around the world have created architectural designs inspired by the hummingbirds nest.

Why would a Hummingbird abandon her nest and how can you help save Hummingbirds?

Female hummingbirds can be shy and may abandon nests if they do not feel safe. If you see an active hummingbird nest, be sure to stay away from it and be very quiet when you walk by it. Also, dogs, cats, and crows can be a major threat and scare away hummingbirds. Avoid any form of tree trimming or construction in your garden during nesting season which is between March- June.

The Wildlife Jewels Collection was founded in 2014 by Azi with the mission to raise awareness for and to protect wildlife.

Dress in Style and Help Save Hummingbirds. We are pleased to be donating 20% of the profits from the new collection to Hummingbird Conservation Programs.
Discover Peridot the Hummingbird Collection!


Threats to Hummingbirds?

Habitat destruction, unleashed dogs, cats, pesticides, tree trimming, fungal infections as a result of hummingbird feeders. 

Hummingbird breeding season begins in December and usually lasts until May or June. They have tiny nests that often people can't see. Countless baby Hummingbirds die every year as a result of tree trimming.  It is essential that you don't cut trees during their nesting season.


"Do NOT Cut Trees during Hummingbird nesting season"


"When biodiversity has a problem, humanity has a problem" United Nations Biodiversity


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