Unveiling new designs featuring Simba the Lion!

on October 12, 2023
Discover Simba the Lion Collection 

Delighted to share new additions to our "Tanzanite Simba the Lion" Collection! 

A stunning new collection combining fine art, fashion, and philanthropy in a unique and meaningful way. Every piece in the collection represents hope, resilience, and the beauty of this precious Lion. We are proud to partner with Born Free Foundation and support Born Free Foundation's mission to ensure all wild animals are treated with compassion and respect and to help support Simba's lifetime care and his new forever home, through this new enchanting collection.

About the Painting:

A striking painting capturing the essence of Simba’s journey, a painting that captures his strength and resilience. Painted on a 30” x 40” gallery canvas by Azi Sharif, this luminous artwork depicts Simba in his enchanting enclosure in Tuscany. The artist's bold post-Impressionist style brushstrokes blend seamlessly with her intricate Wildlife Jewels® painting techniques, bringing Simba to life with vibrant colors and a sense of hope that resonates deeply. This artwork, created with boundless love and admiration for wildlife, honors Simba's journey and serves as a symbol of hope for all wildlife. Stayed tuned for behind the scenes photos and videos, and the story of each part of the painting!

Discover Simba the Lion Collection 

About the Collection:

A stunning new collection combining art, fashion, and philanthropy in a unique and meaningful way. Each piece is lovingly crafted to showcase Simba's magnificence, this collection is a fusion of art and fashion, capturing the natural beauty of Simba with each brushstroke and stitch. Each piece is a wearable work of art and beautifully embellished with the artist's original painting. From stunning vibrant prints inspired by the artwork to intricate lace appliqué designs featuring Simba, and elegant yet fierce fashion designs, each creation represents the strength and resilience of this incredible creature. Each piece is meticulously crafted in the USA and is made with eco-friendly and animal-friendly limited-edition custom-designed fabrics, ensuring that every step we take is in harmony with nature.

Discover Simba the Lion Collection

About Simba:

In 2020, a tiny and emaciated cub named Simba was discovered, abandoned in a cardboard box, hidden away in a deserted garage near Moscow. His journey began in the darkest of circumstances, yet little did he know that he would become a beacon of hope and inspiration for all. It is likely that Simba fell victim to the cruel wildlife trade. In December 2021, he found a glimmer of hope when he was transported to the Natuurhulpcentrum (‘Nature Help Centre’) in Belgium. There, he received the care and love he so desperately needed to survive. In 2022, an extraordinary chapter unfolded in Simba's life when the Born Free Foundation orchestrated a forever home for him at Animanatura Wild Sanctuary, nestled in the breathtaking beauty of Tuscany, Italy. From that moment on, Simba's life blossomed, as he embraced a new beginning filled with love and hope.

Simba's story stands as a powerful reminder of the resilience and strength that resides within our precious wildlife. This collection honors Simba's journey and serves as a symbol of hope for all wildlife. We hope that this collection will inspire and empower individuals to take significant action and play a vital role in safeguarding the future of our precious Lions and all wildlife.

Explore the collection and be a part of the positive change, while looking fabulous!



About The Wildlife Jewels® Collection:

The Wildlife Jewels® collection of fine art was founded in 2014 by Azi to raise awareness and to protect wildlife from human-caused threats. The Wildlife Jewels® collection's mission is to raise awareness for wildlife by sharing the magical beauty of wildlife through exquisite fine art and fashion while sharing stories of the wildlife that inspired each design. Each wildlife is painted using innovative techniques inspired by beautiful patterns and vibrant colors from nature. Each wildlife painting is inspired by a unique wildlife and each wildlife resembles a unique gemstone. Each painting is decorated with detailed patterns created from tiny dots, resembling gold and precious stones.These exceptional works of art come in a palette of luminous colors and resembling the natural beauty of the wildlife. 


Discover Simba the Lion Collection 



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