Unveiling the Launch of Wildlife Jewels™ Nonprofit Organization!

on September 28, 2023
Wildlife Jewels 

Emerging Nonprofit Unveiled: Uniting Arts, Science, Technology and Action to Protect Wildlife

We are delighted to share the establishment of "Wildlife Jewels" (WildlifeJewels.org), a 501(C)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to protecting wildlife from the threats posed by human activities, through a fusion of creative arts, science, technology, and multidisciplinary collaborations.

With conservation programs centered on:

* Combating wildlife crime

* Enhancing wildlife rescue initiatives

* Advocating for impactful ocean conservation

Wildlife Jewels started as a “Bird of Paradise” painting in 2003, a piece that marked the inception of the Wildlife Jewels® Collection, a series of fine art exhibitions to share the beauty of wildlife and educate individuals about the human-caused threats they face which led to launch of the Wildlife Jewels fashion collection featuring wildlife impacted from human activities, sharing the inspiring stories of their rescue efforts, shedding light on the threats they encountered.

Now it is with great delight to see Wildlife Jewels expanding its impact and implementing substantial initiatives to protect wildlife from the escalating crisis and alarming threats posed by human activities.

We invite you to join us in celebration and exploration of Wildlife Jewels and its incredible journey. Together, let's create transformative changes and safeguard our precious wildlife!




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