Wildlife Inspirations and The Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center 2022 GALA

on November 20, 2022
FashWand by Azi Gray Sapphire the Gull Auction
FashWand WWCC 22 Gala
FashWand WWCC 22 Gala

Epic Gala supporting Wildlife! It was lovely to see so many dedicated individuals and organizations who are passionate about protecting wildlife. 

I am delighted to have had the opportunity to support such an invaluable cause to help save native injured and orphaned wildlife and I am so happy to see FashWand Gray Sapphire the Gull helped raise awareness and funds for wildlife!

Wildlife need our help now more than ever! They are in tremendous and rising danger from human caused threats ranging from getting shot with pellet guns, getting run over by motor vehicles, fishing line and fishing hook entanglement, plastic pollution, light pollution, oil spills, tar balls, unleashed dogs on the beach, chemical pollution, rat poisoning, wildlife crime, and so much more... 

It was a pleasure to share one of my favorite design inspirations, a precious Western Gull who was a recent patient at the Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center. Stay tuned to discover some amazing facts about Western Gull's as I will be sharing key topics from my presentation discussed at the Gala!

Gray Sapphire the Gull Silent Auction

Several new designs from the Gray Sapphire the Gull Collection including our new Bamboo Lace Applique Top were up for auction benefiting wildlife.

This new collection takes inspiration from a precious Western Gull. The original painting is full of life with vibrant colors and textures, each fashion item is beautifully constructed with luxurious eco-friendly material with designs inspired by this beautiful Gull and every purchase helps protect Gulls.

About the Inspiration: Meet the precious Gull who is the inspiration for our Gray Sapphire the Gull painting and collection! 

This Western Gull was found entangled in fishing gear and saran wrap. She had also swallowed a fishing hook. She is very lucky to have been rescued and rehabilitated by the Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center.

More than 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals die from plastic pollution every year. Over 320,000 birds are injured or killed each year by fishing lines and fishing hooks.

Learn more about how you can help, and discover the Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center! 


FashWand by Azi Gray Sapphire the Gull



Discover Gray Sapphire the Gull Collection! 


FashWand by Azi Gray Sapphire the Gull Bamboo Top



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