Wildlife Jewels Oceans Gems Help Save Marine Mammals in Crisis

on July 05, 2023

Help Marine Mammals in crisis

For the entire month of July, FashWand is donating 100% of profits of each item sold from our Oceans Gems™ Collection to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center to help rescue and care for hundreds of Marine Mammals who are sickened from the horrific California domoic acid crisis.

The Crisis:

Hundreds of Sea lions, dolphins, and other marine life are suffering seizures and dying from neurotoxin-producing algae bloom. The toxic algae bloom from San Luis Obispo County to now in San Diego County, has been sickening and killing thousands of sea lions, dolphins, and other marine mammals. Algae blooms are a result of excess nutrients from fertilizer, wastewater and stormwater runoff, coinciding with lots of sunlight, warm temperatures and shallow, slow-flowing water. The impacted animals  are mostly sea lions and dolphins, but also whales and other marine mammals feed on smaller fish, such as squid, sardines and anchovies. The toxins can cause seizures and severe brain inflammation and often leads to death by causing irreversible brain damage. Even after being rescued many of the animals will not make it due to severity of the brain damage associated with the toxin. Please keep an eye for sickened sea lions on the beach and report them ASAP. The sooner they get medication, the greater chance they have for survival.

"A sea lion exhibits signs of domoic acid poisoning by extending the head backwards."

The Collection:

Oceans Gems™ is a timeless collection with a touch of elegance, featuring limited edition signature pieces embellished with our creative director Azi Sharif's own striking hand-painted original Wildlife Jewels® paintings taking inspiration from sealife. These exceptional pieces, from functional art to dresses, and accessories are thoughtfully designed with elegance, quality, and the environment in mind. Each fine art fashion item is carefully crafted in the USA and is composed of exclusive sustainably sourced eco-friendly material, with fine textures, and vibrant colors.


The Pacific Marine Mammal Center:

The Pacific Marine Mammal Center is located in Laguna Beach, California. The mission of Pacific Marine Mammal Center is to inspire ocean stewardship through animal rescue and rehabilitation, marine mammal research, STEM education programs, and advocacy for a healthy ocean.

Since the start of the toxic algae bloom crisis in June, Pacific Marine Mammal Center (PMMC) rescue teams have picked up so many animals with signs of the toxin. Some of the sea lions have died or were too sick to save. So far, most are in varying stages of recovery. Seven dolphins washed up on Orange County beaches since last week; in two cases, the dolphins were still alive but had significant seizures on the beach. 

Dr. Alissa Deming, VP of Conservation Medicine and Science at PMMC said the dire situation is costing the center approximately $175,000 it didn’t have budgeted and are nearing capacity with space to treat these sick animals.

Learn more about Pacific Marine Mammal Center here.


 Help Save Marine Mammals

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