Happy International Cheetah Day! Today's a remarkable milestone for Wildlife Jewels!

on December 04, 2023
International Cheetah Day and Wildlife JewelsPhoto:Wildlife Jewels Collections Original Paintings by Azi ©Wildlife Jewels®

🎉 Major Company Announcement! 🎉

Happy International Cheetah Day! Today's a remarkable milestone for us!

From a birds of paradise painting in 2003 to a fine art collection in 2014 sharing stories of unique wildlife, and originating in the world of fashion with our Turquoise the Cheetah painting at FashWand LLC, we're thrilled to reveal that FashWand LLC is now Wildlife Jewels LLC!

Wildlife Jewels is now a visionary dual organization, comprising Wildlife Jewels LLC, an entity dedicated to showcasing our Wildlife Jewels charity collections across fine arts, jewelry, fashion, and decor. Featuring species-of-concern, threatened, and extinct wildlife, aiming to amplify awareness and drive support for wildlife protection.

Simultaneously, Wildlife Jewels ORG, our 501(c)(3) public charity, combines the best of Wildlife Jewels—merging arts, science, tech, and collaborations to protect wildlife from human-caused threats, through conservation, action, and education.

Get ready for the reveal of our new "Wildlife Jewels Collections" online boutique, showcasing the spectacular Turquoise, the Persian Cheetah collection—a tribute to the magnificent cheetah! Stay tuned for the grand launch!


International Cheetah Day and Wildlife Jewels Photo: Two stunningly beautiful Cheetahs by ©Azi


Learn more about the Cheetah and our conservation programs at WildlifeJewels.ORG



"Study the science of art; Study the art of science. Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”

~ Leonardo da Vinci


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